‘Do More Blue’ is Clearwater’s newest motto

CLEARWATER - “It’s good for me.  It’s good for you. Do more Blue!” is the motto dreamed up by the folks in Clearwater’s Solid Waste Department to draw attention to a huge improvement in where and how residents get rid of solid waste. The campaign starts in September.
Recycling specialist Kattrina Miller gave a pitch last week to members of the Coalition of Clearwater Home Owners.  She showed pictures of a new blue container on wheels, similar to the black one that’s been used for years.  This new container, however, is not for any old garbage but is designed to hold recyclables tossed together into one bin: plastic containers for milk, ice cream and other food and beverages; glass; newspapers; magazines; printer paper; cardboard; and aluminum cans.
Miller explained that the blue barrel is on wheels and designed to be easier to maneuver than the black garbage barrels.  And, except for the non-recyclable garbage, residents no longer will have to separate their discards because new technology has been created that does the sorting automatically.  The recyclables will be picked up by the same kind of side-load trucks now used for regular garbage and will be collected one day a week on the same day as the garbage trucks makes their rounds.
“The twice a week garbage pick-up will continue,” said Miller, “until the recycling becomes more widespread.  And we hope that will be soon, because the black barrel contents go to the county landfill, and the less material the city puts in the landfill, the less it will cost to dispose of our waste.” 
She added that authorities hope what is now only a 30 percent recycling rate in Clearwater will reach at least 50 percent. All of the trash will be shipped to third-party vendors, called single string replacement, for sorting and recycling.
 The yellow baskets now being used for street-side recycling will be picked up so the city can recycle them, and the blue containers will be delivered to each building now using the yellow baskets. The new containers will come in two sizes, the smallest of which is only slightly larger than the black barrels. As with the garbage barrels, those physically unable to maneuver the new recyclable containers will be aided by a city worker.  Tree branches and other large trash still will be picked as it has been in the past. 
Anyone who needs to recycle electronics may call and have someone come get them.  Or recycle those items on the last Wednesday of each month at 1701 N. Hercules Ave.
The new blue container program will begin Sept.  30.  So get ready to “Do More Blue,” because “it's good for me” and “it's good for you.”
For more information, call Miller at 562-4933.
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