Celebrating Christmas in the neighborhood

Festive residents trim golf carts and bicycles for a holiday joy ride
CLEARWATER BEACH The residents of Clearwater Beach’s Carlouel subdivision is an especially merry bunch this time of the year.
A tradition that started nearly a decade ago, according to organizer Kris Hampsey, brings neighbors together for a night of caroling and spreading holiday cheer. But instead of walking the neighborhood, residents choose to “jingle all the way” by golf carts and bicycles.
“It started out with one or two people about 9 or 10 years ago,” she said, “and it’s growing.” Last Sunday, some 15 golf cart drivers and several bicyclists joined the procession.
The festive residents adorned their golf carts and bicycles with strings of lights, garland, snowmen, reindeers, traditional wreaths, fresh palm frond wreaths, snowflakes, holiday wrapping paper and gift boxes, candy canes, and other festive decorations. An overstuffed Santa fastened to a golf cart roof led the parade.
“It really is a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays with our neighbors before we celebrate Christmas with our families,” said Hampsey.
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