City police patrolling school zones, writing tickets

CLEARWATER – It was back to school for commuters this week and city police didn't waste any time letting motorists know that they are watching for traffic violators.
According to Rob Shaw, City Police and Fire Public Relations, police wrote 35 tickets and 14 warnings to motorists on Monday, the first day back to school.  Elementary schools tend to present the greatest traffic challenges, he added.
The tickets issued including five for passing a stopped school bus, four for speeding in a school zone; 13 for violating a traffic control device; two for speeding; five for other moving violations; six for non-moving violations; 14 warnings.
If a motorist is caught speeding in a school zone, the cost of the ticket will range depending on the speed. At 1-9 mph over the posted limit, the fine is $156; 10-14 mph - $306; 15-19 mph - $406; 20-29 mph - $456; and 30 mph and above – a mandatory court appearance. And failure to stop for a school bus will cost a driver $271.
The city police also trained 65-72 crossing guards last week. Crossing guards direct traffic to aid school children in safely crossing streets while holding a stop sign in a manner visible to approaching vehicles.
Newly hired crossing guards receive about eight hours of training while returning crossing guards go through a four-hour remedial session. City police have openings for more crossing guards at a pay rate of $10.20. If you are interested, contact the police department by calling their non-emergency number (727) 562-4242.  
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