Exhibit to mark 500 years of Florida in maps

TAMPA – Featuring the most comprehensive exhibition of Florida cartography, “Charting the Land of Flowers” traces six centuries of Florida history, bringing together 150 maps, the earliest dating to 1493.
Purported to be the largest collection of rare and antiquarian Florida maps ever exhibited, the temporary exhibition will mark Ponce de León’s 1513 landing on the Florida shores. Early railroad maps and travelogues show how over a span of 500 years the state becomes an agricultural powerhouse and a top tourist destination. Many of the maps will be on display for the first time.
The exhibit’s opening day is Sept. 21. It will remain on display through Feb. 16. The exhibit can be seen at the Venue Tampa Bay History Center in Tampa, 801 Old Water Street. For more information, contact Tampa Bay History Center or visit
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