Local business offering new approach to couponing

CLEARWATER— 3LT, an established Clearwater business specializing in custom apparel, tourism, talent discovery and elite marketing services is introducing a new product offering that permits merchants and customers to directly interact with each other to negotiate customized discounts, coupons, promotions and offerings that best meet their customers buying pattern and price point. 
3LT has registered this new patented technology platform with the USPTO under the title Interactive Merchant Marketing (IMM). 
This new service provides merchants with the ability to create and send out promotions, discounts, coupons, and offerings [via the 3LT Proxy Service] directly to existing and potential customers, rather than utilizing an external marketing firm, company website or group email list. 
As customers engage, the merchant can customize special offerings that target those customers that have a buying propensity and history of patronage for their products and/or services.
Conversely, customers are able to send special requests to merchants regarding their desire for a customized and tailored offering. The merchant then considers the customer’s specifications and provides a tailored discount that best matches that request.  Customers can also view predefined merchant offerings [using the 3LT mobile IMM application], or by visiting and logging on to the 3LT supported website.
“We are very excited to be part of 3LT’s new business launch, as this new platform allows us to be more interactive with our customers on a personal level,” says Jay Thomas, owner of The Brown Boxer.  “Knowing exactly what our customers want and having the ability to create customized deals for each of them, is invaluable,” adds Thomas.   
“It’s very rewarding that we can be an integral part of The Brown Boxer’s success in this new business endeavor,” says Mark Warady, president and chief operating officer - 3LT.  
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