New Restrooms Open at Belleair Causeway


Let's get personal for a moment about Mother Nature.
She calls, sometimes at the most ill-timed moments. She calls when you're at a church service, a movie, the doctor's office or after drinking that third cup of java. You know it's not an invitation for a little “pick-me-up break” from the busyness of life.
And when she calls, you must answer.
So, if the next time you get her summons you happen to be cruising across the Intracoastal Waterway near Belleair Bluffs, local officials offer an option for answering.
“The Belleair Causeway Bridge finally has a bathroom facility,” City Clerk Debra Sullivan has announced.
When the bridge was built in 2007, the budget didn't account for the facility. Instead, city officials installed portable potties. Then, Director of Public Works Robert David and Commissioner Suzy Sofer pursued a joint venture with Pinellas County officials to fund the project this year.
The $40,000 restroom facility is part of an original $750,000 county plan to construct toilets and a bait shop, Mayor Chris Arbutine stated. He expects the bait shop to be built and opened in 2015.
“It just didn't make sense to have a $75 million boat ramp without restrooms,” the mayor said. Besides boat traffic on the waterway, “There are a lot of walkers using the bridge on a daily basis. It just made sense.”
The Belleair Causeway boat ramp offers 108 boat trailer parking spaces, 98 passenger car spaces, a fishing pier, four courtesy docks and 10 boat launching lanes. The ramp is open 24 hours.
In adherence with the county's fee schedule for boat ramps, parking cost $6 per day for vehicles with trailers and $2 per day for passenger vehicles. An annual parking pass is also available by visiting

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