New Aquarium another boondoggle like Obamacare

I've been following the "New City Hall and New Aquarium" saga with great interest. This aquarium and a new City Hall will turn into another government boondoggle just like Obamacare. From what I've gathered the local politicians believe that an Aquarium will help revitalize the Downtown Clearwater area.
Quite frankly the only thing that will revitalize downtown is filling those vacant buildings with businesses. You accomplish that by offering banks, insurers, and tech companies huge tax incentives if they relocate to our beautiful downtown area.
Tax abatements starting at no tax for the first 5 years and 10% increases over the next 10 years till full tax status is achieved. Once those buildings are full of tenants their employees and managers will require homes and other goods and services. Those employees will pay sales, and property taxes.
The problem with politicians is that they are politicians and not businessmen. Lets revitalize Downtown Clearwater the right way, the free enterprise way.
Michael Cundari
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