$17 million senior apartment complex proposed in Old Bay district

Dunkin Donuts may be coming to corner of Gulf to Bay Blvd., and S. Pegasus Ave.
CLEARWATER — The city Community Development Board reviewed a developer's proposal Tuesday to construct a 152-unit senior apartment complex near the intersection of N. Ft Harrison and N. Osceola avenues in the city's Old Bay Character District near the Seminole ramp.
According to the application, the property owner belongs to SCI Funeral Services Inc., Clearwater Bay Marina LLC and Tawni C. Allen.
Currently, a vacant funeral home and single-family house sits on the 2.1 acre site.
The proposal calls for the construction of a 152-unit apartment complex for seniors with 134 parking spaces, estimated at $17 million.
City staff recommended approval, affirming that the application is consistent with the downtown design guidelines and city codes.
In other news, a Dunkin Donuts restaurant is proposed at the northwest corner of Gulf to Bay Blvd. and S. Pegasus Avenue. The property owner is CTS Holdings, LLC. They are proposing to renovate the vacant gas station and convenient store and add another 998 square feet building resulting in a proposed 1,926 square foot restaurant.
The site was once a Texaco gas station; later converted to a Mobil station. The underground fuel storage tanks were removed last summer.
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