Republican Club weighs in on Clearwater City Council race

Submitted by the Greater Largo Republican Club
Casey Cox, President of the Greater Largo Republican Club, announced that his organization will be supporting Hoyt Hamilton’s bid to return to the Clearwater City Council, because of the Pinellas County Democratic Party’s involvement in this election.
Cox said, “ Normally, we do not get involved in local non-partisan elections; however, our involvement in this race is in response to the Pinellas County Democratic Executive Committee’s contribution of six thousand dollars and active support of Hamilton’s opponent, Jon Paul Rose, a registered Democrat.” 
Hamilton, a registered Republican, had previously served in the Clearwater City Council from 2000 until 2006. 
Cox also stated, “It is obvious that the new Democratic Party strategy in Pinellas County and the State of Florida is to focus on local office seekers, especially Democrats who are running in non-partisan races, as a breeding ground for future party leaders at the state and federal level. Now that they have set new local ground rules, we Republicans are prepared to meet that challenge.” 
Republicans believe in smaller government, supporting small business and protecting the fundamental freedoms of all persons, while the Democrat counterparts seek more government, more regulations, more entitlement programs and universal government regulated healthcare.
The municipal election in Clearwater will be held on Tuesday, March 11.
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