Vote No - Proposed aquarium lease does not account for inflation

Clearwater voters should be alert to a very serious flaw in the proposed long term lease of our valuable City Hall property before our November 5th referendum vote. 
We should note carefully that the $250,000 annual fee to be paid by the CMA has NO INFLATION CLAUSE! 
Many of us are old enough to remember 60 years ago when a new sedan cost about $3,000 rather than $25,000, when gasoline cost 29 cents a gallon rather than $3.25, and when a postage stamp was 3 cents rather than 45 cents. 
Like it or not, inflation is a way of life and we can only imagine how much the purchasing power of $250,000 will shrivel over the next 60 years. 
So, to avoid leaving an unfair legacy to future Clearwater citizens, I urge you to vote NO on the referendum ballot. 
Bill Schwob
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