Chi Chi Academy spotlights first class of high school graduates

CLEARWATER — Struggling with academics and attendance, student Sean Fromme began his 6th grade year in 2007 at the Chi Chi Rodriguez Academy, a public-private partnership school designed to help at risk students achieve their grade level and improve low self-esteem.

After being introduced to golf and mentor Jessica Majeski, who is a member of the academy’s Board of Trustees, Sean began attending classes and getting better grades.

Seven years later, Sean is member of the academy’s first class to graduate high school this year.

Majeski said, “He will graduate high school with above a 3.0 grade point average” and is weighing the financial feasibility of a golf scholarship from Huntingdon College in Alabama.

Sean’s class began with 14 students. Seven of Sean’s peers, who have achieved a 2.5 GPA, will join Sean in the June graduation ceremony. Five fellow students moved out of Pinellas County. One student chose to pursue a general education development certificate.

The Chi Chi academy is home to The First Tee Life Skills Experience that has helped thousands of children increase their potential for success through the game of golf.

The program is predicated on core values inherently connected with golf, such as integrity, respect and sportsmanship while promoting character development and life enhancing values through the game of golf.

These values serve help children from all walks of life to achieve higher grades, higher confidence and better social and communication skills. The program is what makes the academy unique for children who experience academic difficulties.

For information, visit or contact your elementary school guidance counselor for specific details about eligibility.

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