Clearwater Christian College recognized for patriotism

CLEARWATER — The Clearwater Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution presented Chief Terry D. Baumann and his staff at the Campus Security Department of Clearwater Christian College with a certificate of commendation for exemplary patriotism and etiquette in the proper displaying and handling of the flag of the United States.

The Sons of the American Revolution is a national organization honoring individuals whose forefathers fought for American independence.

The presentation was made on April 23 by SAR members Dr. Bob Cundiff and Dan Hooper during an awards ceremony at the college. The certificate was accepted by Baumann on behalf of his staff.

Chief Baumann credited his staff, some members of the college’s Air Force Reserve Officer and Training Corps and others veterans of various branches of the U.S. military, for the impeccable care and handling of the large 12-foot by 18-foot flag flown on the school campus.

“The college is proud to display the United States flag, properly, both during daylight hours and in the evening with illumination,” said Baumann, a former student at the Christian college.

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