County plans for next phase of IT system expansion

— The next phase in the implementation of Pinellas County’s new Odyssey Case Management System, which will include the Criminal, Traffic and Juvenile Court processes, is expected to be completed by July 14.

The first phase of the conversion to the new system, which will eventually replace the county’s old legacy mainframe system, occurred last year. The new system will be shared by the Courts, Clerk, the State Attorney, Public Defender, Sheriff’s Office and all other court related agencies.

The upcoming conversion in July will require the current legacy mainframe system to be down with limited view-only capability starting at 9 p.m. on July 2 until midnight on July 13.

According to county officials, attorneys may continue to file cases through the statewide internet portal and have their pleadings date-stamped on the date of filing. However, the casework will not be processed in the new county system until after the implementation is complete. Paper filings over the counter are discouraged, but will be accepted for emergencies.

During the mainframe system shut-down in early July, a number of court related services will be impacted and normal case processing will be delayed in all of the county clerk’s court records departments. All payments due, including traffic payments, on any court matter will be accepted over the counter and via the web.

Services that WILL be impacted during the July shutdown are as follows:

• Foreclosure sales – none will be conducted.

• Writs of possession in landlord/tenant matters – none will be issued.

• Clerk’s defaults will be not issued.

• Writs of garnishment and replevin will not be processed.

Services that WILL NOT be impacted are as follows: child support, jury services, marriage licenses, passport applications, recording services and official records, telephone services, copy request services, and notices of appeal will be processed manually.

For information, call (727) 464-7000.

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