Development board approves 2 new beach restaurants

— The city’s Community Development Board last month approved development agreements for two new restaurants.

One is for a two-story building to house a 233-seat diner to be named Salty’s Restaurant, while the other is for a 39-seat eatery that will feature Detroit-style hot dogs.

Here are details about each establishment:

Building to replace market

The proposed Salty’s Restaurant would replace a two-story building at 437 S. Gulfview Blvd. that was built as a motel in 1967. Twenty-four years ago, the structure was renovated into a retail and snack store, which operated under different business ventures including Flippers, Celebrity of Clearwater and, most recently, Krazy Market.

The property is owned by Joan Frangedis, Michael Frangedis, James Boutzoukas and Ermioni Boutzoukas, according to the Pinellas County Property Appraiser’s Office. The existing building and land is valued at about $685,000 — $262,000 for the building and $423,000 for the land.

The value of the new building after construction is estimated at $350,000, according to the development application. Developers propose a 4,227-square-foot building with indoor and outdoor dining.

The demolition of the existing and outdated structure will make a significant contribution towards the revitalization and renovation of that .14 acre of land, according to a review by city planning staff. The proposed two-story structure will blend in with the existing development pattern, scale and character of the area.

Gulfview Boulevard already features a variety of retail stores, service businesses, overnight accommodations, restaurants and condominiums.

The new restaurant is expected to generate approximately 60 new full-time and 40 new part-time employment opportunities, according to the application.

The developer agreed to apply for a building permit no later than next June 17, unless the development board grants an extension, to ensure that construction begins in 2015, according to development agreement.

Hot dog diner to replace office space

Detroit Coney Island would be a small, family-owned restaurant at 600 Mandalay Ave. in an existing one-story building owned by James Lampathakis of Xania, Inc. of Dunedin.

According to the development agreement, the applicant wants to convert 418 square feet of office space into a restaurant with indoor and outdoor dining. The remaining portion of the building is designed for office space and includes another tenant, Budget Blinds.

Primary changes to the structure would include interior renovations to allow for restaurant use, including kitchen and dining facilities, as well as exterior facade changes and accommodations for outdoor seating.

The Detroit Coney Island agreement, like Salty’s, requires the developer to apply for a building permit no later than next June 17 barring any extensions.

Culinary experts note a Detroit hot dog includes beef or sausage slathered in beefy chili sauce, mustard and sweet chopped onions.

“One hasn’t lived until they’ve had a Detroit dog,” said Richard Adelson, a member of the development board and a former Michigan resident.

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