FWC seeks help to locate rare birds

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is asking the public to help locate three species of rare birds during their breeding seasons.

The southeastern American kestrel, the burrowing owl and the painted bunting are rare and declining species that authorities say are often overlooked by traditional bird monitoring programs.

People are encouraged to use the FWC’s new Rare Bird Registry to quickly map locations where they observe these species, with the option to upload photos and additional comments. Data submitted will be used by wildlife commission scientists to identify important breeding areas for these species as well as estimate the size of their populations.

“The Rare Bird Registry is an excellent opportunity for the public to participate in research,” said Karl Miller, a biologist at the FWC’s Fish and Wildlife Research Institute. “Sightings will provide the FWC with valuable data to help us study and conserve some of Florida’s most unique and interesting species. This new website provides a great way to get involved.”

To assist the wildlife commission in locating these rare birds, visit and select “Citizen Science” then “Sightings” for the Rare Bird Registry link.

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