I just want to say one word to you...

Do you remember that line? It is from the 1967 movie “The Graduate.” That one word is “plastics.” I have often thought about what life would be like for me now if I had listened to that advice and invested in plastics. Oh ...
Published: 04/22/16

Remember the games we played?

Do you remember the children’s game called red light, green light? I do. I remember playing this game many summer afternoons with all the neighborhood kids. We would stand on the sidewalk, a specified distance from the porch, with one child si...
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Ides of March is Election Day

Beware the Ides of March.
Updated: 2 months ago

The San Bernardino massacre

It was no surprise that President Obama immediately called for gun control as soon as news broke of the mass shootings at San Bernardino, and before anything was known about the shooters.
Updated: 5 months ago

How to make America great again: national service

What if there had been one really big idea — not necessarily a new idea, just a big one — on either side during the excessively long and embarrassingly expensive race for the White House in 2012?
Updated: 5 months ago

That loving feeling

I want you to really think about this: How would you feel if you were moved into a home of strangers, in an unknown town, with no friends or family?
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Are we chasing wildlife out of their own habitat?

I killed my first deer the other day. Not to get maudlin, but it was horrible and something I hope never to repeat.
Updated: 6 months ago

If you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain

On Wednesday, the country observed Veterans Day, a federal holiday. Maybe you were off work, maybe not. Many schools were closed. I don’t know if you gave it any thought, but this is the day we officially remember and honor everyone who has se...
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From jockey to minister to writer, he’s lived a full life

From jockey to minister to writer, he’s lived a full life

CLEARWATER — When it comes to the Rev. Eddie Donnally, where in or out of this world do we begin?
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All you can ask is why?

Over the years, whether in the classroom, on the playing field or on a camping trip with the Boy Scouts, I always wanted us to take care of our environment. My motto was, “Leave it better than when you arrived.”
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