Letter to the Editor

Of course a newspaper such as yours will use such hot topic words as “potent drug,” “unshackle,” and “alarming”. I could go on an on, but I will try not to use those shock words to get my point across.

I just want everyone to know that the editorial of Aug. 14 was biased and not well researched. In writing this article I was going to talk to my dentist about how medical marijuana is helpful.

You mention that this is going to be “Pill Mills Part 2” and you had an expert in the field pass this judgment. A Tampa-based obstetrician-gynecologist is the known expert in that subject. I was suitably impressed that Dr. Butler is an expert on the use of Marinol as well. My friends and family always go to their OB-GYN for advice on their cancer treatments as well. Since she does not treat men, is her advice female based only?

Two states, Colorado and Washington, have legalized and decriminalized marijuana. They obtain taxes on each portion of marijuana, which is labeled with the exact amount of THC, same as in California and the other states with medical marijuana. That throws out that part of your argument. Each state has an age limit as well. But to be honest, did an age requirement stop you (or anyone, really) from drinking or smoking. Oh and I see we have no marijuana in Florida now, right? This is going to bring it here, right?

I am not surprised that the endless alcohol and cigarette availability is not addressed often as well. This “dangerous” drug you like to profess has been proven in hundreds of medical tests to be significantly less deadly than nicotine and alcohol. It has been proven to help with the suffering of cancer and aids patients. Without the need for deadly narcotics. How many thousands have died from lung cancer, liver disease, DUI and alcoholism. No one overdoses on marijuana. I would have gotten my podiatrist to help with this letter, but he was doing the job he knows how to do.

Vote your conscience, not as a result of the same old scare tactics.

John McCormick


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