Vote no on Amendment 2

On behalf of the Vote No on 2 Campaign, which is dedicated to defeating the so-called medical marijuana ballot initiative which Floridians will vote on this November, the campaign firmly believes that the dangerous loopholes contained in Amendment 2 will harm Floridians and that this ballot initiative is nothing more than a cleverly veiled attempt to legalize pot in Florida for anyone and for any reason.

The five dangerous loopholes contained in Amendment 2 include:

The Pot for Any Purpose Loophole – Amendment 2’s ballot language makes it sound like the use of pot would be limited to debilitating conditions, but the Amendment actually allows pot for “other conditions.” In states that fell for the “medical pot” lie, this included minor fatigue, neck aches, backaches, headaches and menstrual cramps. It also does not require a doctor’s prescription to obtain pot.

The Drug Dealer Loophole – The “caregiver” provision of Amendment 2 provides a legal basis and broad constitutional protections for those dealing pot.

The Pill Mill Loophole – Legitimate doctors won’t be recommending pot to their patients, so just like pill mills proliferated through the profiteering of a handful of unethical doctors so will pot shops. Just like the “pill mills,” look for “pot docs” to spring up next to restaurants, schools, churches and supermarkets.

The Teenager Loophole – Under Amendment 2, teens and children will be able to legally purchase pot without their parents’ consent. Amendment 2 places no age restriction on pot smoking. For parents this could be the scariest part of Amendment 2.

The Immunity Loophole – Amendment 2 grants sweeping immunity, meaning that those patients injured by pot, their families or third parties injured by someone using pot would have no legal recourse against caregivers, physicians, treatment centers, or the employers of any individuals involved in this process, even if such individuals acted with negligence or committed intentional wrongful acts that harmed the patients.

To learn more about the Vote No on 2 Campaign, visit www.VoteNo2.org, follow us @saynoamendment2 and like us FB.com/noonamendment2.

Dr. Jessica Spencer

Statewide Coalition Director of the Vote No on 2


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