The Ticket...

--  It's getting bad in college football.  A while back, Georgia was forced to sit their bulldog mascot Uga IX, accused of signing 700 autographs in exchange for milkbones ... In less than a year, Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel has gone from Johnny Football to Johnnie Walker to Johnny Hancock ... The horse Johnny Football finished last at Sarasota recently.  Apparently he stopped down the stretch to sign autographs ... FAU awarded the GEO Group (a prison operating company) the naming rights to the stadium. The Owls will wear blue and red at home and orange on the road.
--  The NFL is considering hiring a mother of three to be a referee.  They wanted someone who is used to giving timeouts ... Dolphins' 340-lb. guard Richie Incognito was recently involved in a brawl in a nightclub and a fight in a preseason game. Name just doesn't fit ... Ex-Patriot Aaaron Hernandez, charged with first-degree murder, should also be accused of impersonating a role model ... We'll take the Seahawks to win this year's Super Bowl.
--  According to Shirley Bahner, the most valuable cat on record-"Mickey"-klled more than 22,000 mice in 23 years for an English firm.
--  So how long until A-Rod announces he's going to spend the rest of his life looking for the real PED users?  And the "Banned" plays on! ... Braves' Chipper Jones on why he gave up the social media:  "Too much hate and too many trolls" ... Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, "Not making the baseball team at West Point was the greatest disappointment of my life" ... Josh Gibson, perhaps the greatest player the Negro Leagues ever produced, was devastated when Jackie Robinson was called up first to the major leagues   A year later, he died of a broken heart, according to those who knew him best.
--  Paulina Gretsky is now engaged to pro-golfer Dustin Johnson.  She must have liked his "approach.. 
--  In closing, "JB" Stedman tells us of a 67-year-old New York woman being charged with vandalism for keying a Bingo rivals' car.  Police found the suspect easily--since the scratches went across, down and diagonally.
(Some of the material in this column was obtained from other news organizations.)
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