The Ticket...

--  Tony Buzbee paid $115,000 at an auction for the "12th Man" Texas A&M license plate and gave it to a war veteran who attended the school.  "He did a lot more than pay a hundred thousand dollars for a license plate," stated Buzbee.  Classy ... Since controversial Johnny Manziel (whose antenna isn't picking up all the channels) began playing for Texas A&M, could say A&M now stands for Autographs & Money ...  At Notre Dame's opener, souvenir cups were handed out with "Figthing Irish" inscribed on them.  Spell-checker Lennay Kekua  (Monti Teo's imaginary girlfriend) was immedately fired.
--  Before the start of each Eagles game, coach Chip Kelly's offense has run 23 plays ... Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz recently signed a 6-year, $46 million contract and doesn't feel overpaid.  A guy can still scrimp by on just $147,000 a week. 
--  According to Ron Daniels, crocodiles help themselves dive deeper and remain submerged by swallowig stones.
--  "I couldn't see well enough to play when I was a boy so they gave me a special job--they made me the umpire."  This spoken by former President Harry S. Truman  ... Retail stores have cut prices on admitted drug user Ryan Braun jerseys and shirts.  They'd be great to wear golfing in case you have to improve your lie ... The Class AA Richmond Flying Squirrels had a Salute to Scandal Night a while back with 50 cent hot dogs in honor of disgraced NYC mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner.
--  6-year-old Spencer Conn of Grayson, Ga. hit five home runs on consecutive pitches over two games.  Wonder if he was tested for enhanced levels of Flintstones vitamins?
--  Blue II, Butler's beloved mascot, died recently.  His final tweet: "How do I know that all dogs go to heaven? Because I'm there now."
--  Something perhaps going through swimmer Diana Nyah's mind during her 110-mile swim:  "Still better than a Carnival cruise."
--  The Rev. Herb Freitag says a sure sign you're into college football a bit too much--you tailgate before everything, even church. 
(Some of the material in this column was obtained from other news organizations)

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